Artist Members Exhibition

In order to register and participate in the Artist Members Exhibition, you must be an active member of Guild Hall at the Individual level or higher (Student and Educator memberships do not qualify). If you are not a member or need to renew, please visit our membership page.  You can check your membership status at anytime by creating a free profile at the login home page. To read the full rules and guidelines of the Artist Members Exhibition, please click here.

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The information you enter on this form will be used for your wall label. Guild Hall is not responsible for label errors based on misspellings or factual inaccuracies provided by the artist. Please note your label will be created exactly as you have typed it and no changes will be accepted after you have submitted your registration.
By submitting your registration you are acknowledging that you have read and fully understood the rules and procedures regarding registration for and participation in Guild Hall's Annual Artist Members Exhibition, including size limits (no larger than 25"X25") and deadline dates.
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